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'I'm really happy with my kitten Rolo, he is so affectionate and loving, we have a great bond. He is the perfect pet and just what I wanted. If you are looking for a cat that's active loving and friendly, a bengal is the breed and bundle of joy just for you!' - Alex, 2014


'She is very affectionate to us, she follows, especially me, everywhere I go & also friendly with non family members of people as well. When guests come to our house, she doesn't hide or get scared, she wants to be with us and enjoys being in the centre of attention. All my friends absolutely love her from the moment they see her! She loves playing so much, does a fetch very well & is genius creating her own play. Thanks to you, she was well trained for toilet, using scratch boards only for her needs to scratch, not using her claws towards people and not biting people. I have never had problems since the day one when she arrived here.' - Yumiko (owner of Sakura)

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