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A bit about Bengals

The name 'Bengal' comes from its latin name Prionailurus Bengalensis, and not its distant cousin the Bengal Tiger.

Originally, Bengals were first bred in America by Jean Mills. By mating an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat, she produced a litter of first generation Bengal kittens. These kittens are known as F1's and then these kittens are bred with another domestic cat and their offspring are F2s and so on.  From F4 onwards, Bengal cats are recognised as domestic pets - a wild animal license is required for ALC's, F1's etc... Greg and Elizabeth Kent were also early breeders of Bengals, breeding an ALC with an Egyptian Mau. Many early generation Bengals will have either Egyptian Mau, Siamese or Burmese in their pedigrees.

Bengal cats are extremely friendly cats, very talkative, needing love and attention. They are very intelligent, love to play fetch, can be trained to walk on a lead and harness and like to follow you round the house. They love playing with water and generally getting into all sorts of mischief!


Please take the time to read a bit about Bengals to ensure this is the right cat for you and your family.


Welcome to KatzkyBengals and thank you for taking the time to look at my cats and kittens.

I am a small hobby breeder of the beautiful Bengal cat, based in Tring, Buckinghamshire. Conveniently just 20 mins from the M25.

Courier available within the UK.

I live in an acre of stunning countryside so my cats also have access to large outdoor safe enclosures, which ensures they have enough safe space to run around, climb and explore.

I am a dedicated breeder, choosing only the best cats for my breeding programme.

I have been breeding and showing my cats with TICA for 10 years.

I fell in love with the Bengal breed back in 2010 and purchased my first love, Angel, a GCCF registered snow marble girl.

All of my cats are very loving characters with amazing personalities which they pass onto their kittens. My aim is to have cats and kittens of the highest quality, so that health, temperament and type are ensured.

KatzkyBengals is a TICA registered cattery and all my breeding cats are TICA registered Active. 

KatzkyBengals adheres to the TICA Code Of Ethics which can be found on my website. KatzkyBengals health tests all their breeding cats. Healthy cats equal healthy kittens.  

All of my cats and kittens are well socialised having been born and raised in our family home or in our purpose-built kitten nursery, this is to ensure that Mummy cat feels safe and secure during labour and warm and cosy, with underfloor heating. They are handled from birth, and all our kittens are used to all household noises, hoover, washing machine, radio and TV. They love chasing the mop and pouncing on the hoover.

KatzkyBengals kittens are well suited to a family environment having been constantly handled by myself and my family.

They are used to lots of cuddles and attention, are very playful, energetic, intelligent cats who love human interaction and time spent with them.

Bengals can be very vocal and love to chat away whilst following us around the house.    


There are many different colours and markings within the Bengal breed. I have chosen to breed Brown spotted, Snow Lynx and Charcoals.

Please see my previous litters/gallery for examples of the various colours.


KatzkyBengals is negative for Felv/Fiv and also screens for PK DEF.


KatzkyBengals is a TICA registered cattery (Cattery Prefix 25127).

About us ...

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