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Kitten Information

KatzkyBengals' kittens are...
  • PK Def negative 

  • Pkd 1 negative 

  • Pra B negative 

  • Felv / Fiv negative 

  • TICA registered

  • Vet checked twice

  • Fully vaccinated against Feline Calicivirosis, Feline Viral RHINOTRACHEITIS and FELINE PANLEUCOPAENIA

  • Wormed using Panacur

  • Given preventative flea treament

  • Fully litter trained

  • Fully weaned on Royal Canin wet and dry food and Purrform Raw

  • 5 generation pedigree

  • Given 4 weeks free petplan insurance

  • Given Royal Canin pouch of food and voucher

  • with KatzkyBengals until they are 12/13 weeks old

All kittens sold by KatzkyBengals come with a strict contract. This is in order to safeguard the kitten/cat and to ensure that if it is sold as a pet, it is not used for breeding.

Kittens that are sold on the NON active register will have their papers withheld until KatzkyBengals has received proof of neutering. This must be provided in writing by your vet. Neutering should be done by 6/7 months on both female and male kittens.

KatzkyBengals has the right to neuter any kitten sold on the non active register if we feel it is in the best interest and health of the kitten/cat.

No kitten/cat sold by KatzkyBengals can be sold on, given, lent or leased without our permission. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can the kitten/cat be given, sold on or loaned/leased to a pet shop or animal research facility.

If you can no longer keep your kitten/cat, please contact me.

Prices and Deposits

KatzkyBengals pet price starts at £900.00 (TICA Non active register depending on colour, markings and type)
Breeding prices start at £1,500.00 (TICA active register)


A deposit of £200.00 secures a pet kitten
A deposit of £400.00 secures a breeding kitten
(The deposit is non refundable)

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