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Our beautiful Devine Spirit Cherry Blossom Of Katzky Bengals & Grand Champion Sunset Des Griffes De Fue have had their first stunning litter of four brown spotted and one snow mink.

JCJC Bengals Good Luck Charlie of KatzkyBengals, aka Lollypop & Murkston Bengals Aleppo of KatzkyBengals have had their first litter two incredible black silver smoke and two melanistic/silver babies. All of this litter are boys!

Please feel free to enquire for availability on either beautiful litters. 



Photos to follow shortly! 

Please email 

for availability

Welcome to KatzkyBengals

We are Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire based breeders of outstanding show quality Bengal cats. 

We are expierienced breeders, now into our 10th year breeding with Tica and 1 year with LCWW, of which we are registered with both registrations.

We regularly show our kittens and cats with both registries. Please see our Show News for all our show achivements. 

We are also members of the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britian.

Katzkybengals continues to breed top quality show / luxury pet kittens specialising in,

Brown Spotted, Silver Spotted, Charcoal and occasionally Snow Lynx.

We have selected our cats from top breeders in the UK and Europe, all with Champion upto Supreme Grand Champions in their pedigrees.

We even have  some Regional Winners with excellent blood lines to enhance our flourishing breeding programme.

All our cats are much loved pampered members of our family.

They have incredible patterns, with distinctive rosettes, fabulous contrast, huge nocturnal eyes and small ears.

All Katzkybengals cats are fully health tested to the hilt, with negative / normal results

Katzkybengals does not breed from any " carrier cats ".

All fully health tested for:

  • PK Def

  • PKD 1

  • Pra B

  • Felv/Fiv

  • Blood Group

  • HCM 

  • Felv

  • Fiv

Our hygiene standards are of the highest degree, so much so that we have a totally seperate kitchen for the cats, including a food preperation area, dishwasher, washing machine, all for our super spoilt Katzkybegals.

We are over the moon to be rated EXCELLENT on our Tica Cattery Of Excellence Award, receiving the highest score 88/88

There are Bengal kittens, then there are Katzky Bengal kittens.​

Katzkybengals is now a TICA Cattery Of Excellence.

Show news

Katzkybengals is delighted with our amazing show achievements over the past year, which have resulted in Piper becoming a TICA Triple Grand Champion and TICA Best Silver Spotted Bengal in Western Europe 2022.

Our new stud from France, Sunset, also became a TICA Double Grand Champion.


Updates 2023

Katzkybengals is thrilled to announce our stunning new girls for our 2023 breeding programme. 
  • ​Devine Spirit Cherry Blossom 
  • Spotselotica Tokyo ( Dutch Import)
  • JCJC Bengals Lollypop
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